About Us


Over 17 billion hours, two threads tirelessly intertwined until they weaved one brand's story. The one that strives for global heights, continuously bringing new values ​​through its products and projects in the making.
The first was humanity - the guiding thread striving for a better, safer, and fairer world.
Quality followed its steps – a thread that brings out the best of the best.
Where they put together a brand - that's where "Do we" was born.
Parallel development of two high-quality materials, a combination of the latest trends and timeless classics, promotion of social equality, care for animals and our only planet, and a mirror of good towards the world - are proof that
even the smallest step is crucial in the way to the main goal.
It is adorned with quality that guarantees durability, preservation, softness, and comfort, while the design symbolizes simplicity and recognition.
Within the focus, the most valued individual is our customer.
On the one hand, the combination of quality and fashion, and on the other, humanity and protection of those in need, were embodied in one of the greatest athletes and our proud ambassador - Ivan Perišić.
This is a brand in which a story is deeply woven - understandable only to those who see with our eyes.